The exalted Jesus is “Lord of all” “He has made Him both Lord and Christ.” He has won this Lordship by His blood. Phil. ii. 8, 11. ” He has been exalted,” that every tongue should salute Him as Lord. 1 Cor. xii. 3. “While the title may belong to Him as Creator and Preserver, it is especially given Him as the enthroned God-man, for His scepter controls the universe. The range of that Lordship has infinitude for its extent, and eternity for its duration. The term, as Suicer quaintly remarks, refers not to ova-ia, but to el-ova la. And as He is Head of the Church, and “Head over all things to the Church ” it’s Proprietor, Organizer, Governor, Guardian, Blesser, and Judge whose law it obeys, whose ordinances it hallows, whose spirit it cherishes, whose truth it conserves, and whose welcome to glory it anticipates and prepares for; therefore may He, sustaining such a relation to His spiritual kingdom, be so often and so fondly named as Lord. The Apostle Paul invokes upon the Ephesians grace and peace from the Lord Jesus Christ, whose supreme administration was designed to secure, and does actually confer, those lordly gifts.


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