Go and sin no more…

There are times when things that should be said are not said for reasons of tradition and WO-AU080_VATICA_P_20141013194706intimidation which declares you should not or even cannot. But when an established hierarchy says you must not challenge a declared position or statute because your status does not merit consideration from those in authority then a wall has been imposed and most will remain silent. This then assumes that all decrees put forth and settled by that authority are right and just and will bear no reproach from those that fall under their leadership. Such is case on the Catholic Churches position on divorced parishioners and their functional rights within the church. I find it disingenuous for the Vatican to find it not really certain as to how to handle such cases and/or petitions for inclusion to full participation in Catholic Mass to include Eucharist. Where is it written that because of a failed relationship God finds that individual lost or inadequate for forgiveness and full restoration in the Kingdom of God? Are we not human and is it not clear that all humans follow the pattern of Adam and Eve and do sin? Consider the Samaritan Woman in discourse with our Lord Jesus at the well when Jesus informs her that she had indeed been married 5 times and went on to say the very one she was living with now was not her husband. Yet Jesus chose this woman to reveal Himself as the Savior and she was the first beyond his most inner circle to which this was done. And though this interaction has even deeper spiritual ramifications, the germane point here is that Jesus did not condemn this woman or let it be known to her that she had no further hope to becoming His follower or a full participant in His Church. Your sins are forgiven thee go and sin no more.

I know that there are those within the church that there are those of the persuasion that all repentant divorced Catholics should be reinstated to full status but apparently the majority does not. The disingenuous part mentioned earlier is for those pious individuals who sit in authority to act as though they are without sin and Scripture does bear out that all have sinned and fall short of the glory and now instead of being in need of forgiveness themselves do hereby judge another as a lesser being unworthy of restoration. Perhaps it is not palatable to grant the same blood purchased rights to those who would be in the church but for a sense of being somehow unworthy. When God forgives us of sin He states He remembers it no more and when Jesus washes us with His blood we become a new creation the very purpose of His coming in the first place. It is incumbent upon the Church to rectify this travesty and afford to all those lost to the Church full restoration and grant full rights and privileges upon these Children of God. You can do no less than the One you profess to serve.


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  1. Thank you for this post! The examples of the woman at the well and the woman caught in adultery say it all, even though there are so many examples of Jesus’ forgiveness, restoration, renewal, healing, delivering, setting free and transforming that it says in the Word there would not be enough books to contain them all. Truly our relationship with the Son restores us to the Father and his Holy Spirit and fire do the work in and through us to be the true Church, the light in the world! God bless you Robert!

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