Brother Reuben

The old french word “religion” originates etymologically from the latin “religare” (to bind) and “religio” (obligation, bond, reverence). Today, the use of the word is often colored with negative undertones in a modern Christian milieu of the highly personalized “relationship”.  Seeking the meaning of religion in the person of Jesus Christ, we find its Root, its Origin, and its very Definition. Being fully God and fully man, the life of Christ embodies and Is the Essence of Union with God. The person of Jesus Christ both represents, and Is ontologically, True Religion.

The term “Hypostatic Union”, although an unfamiliar term in popular evangelicalism, accurately describes the intimate Union of the Divine and the human nature. The Word of God, being the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, joined Himself to mankind forever, redeeming human nature itself (Ruth 4:4) (Gal 3:14) by function of this Hypostatic Union. The essence…

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