A profound discussion between a member of Congress and his colleague.

“Better not cut senior citizens from the budget because they are an important voting bloc, and we need to fund education because the youth of

And on it goes...
                                                     And on it goes…

today are our nation’s future. What about cutting public assistance programs? Are you kidding? – They constitute at least half of the population and certainly a substantial voting bloc. Ok, defense then. That might work because we do not need all those ships and tanks. But what about national defense won’t we be putting our nation at risk if we don’t give them what they need? Well, were cutting troops and we stopped production on fighter jets already, so I don’t think that is an issue. This is true, and we pretty much shut down NASA. Now we are getting somewhere. What else can we cut? How about putting a freeze on government salary increases? Are you mad we need to keep pace with inflation and where would they be without their bonuses? But we say there is not much inflation right now and we are not going to give Social Security recipients an increase again this year. That is right, but we cannot expect government workers to be satisfied with no increase, rent and food costs are rising you know. Is not our debt ceiling always an issue? Yes, but word is we will continue to vote budget increases so that should not be a problem. Look, you and I will be long gone before the chicken comes home to roost so maybe we just need to borrow more money so we can pay the debt, I mean, the interest. Well let’s think about it and get back together again next month to discuss this further.  Ok, it’s just about time for recess to begin anyway”.    


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