Dear Mr. Robinson,

We all hope that the Curia can get its financial house in order without fresh scandals, but Phil Lawler has his doubts. Late Friday, Phil examined the latest changes to the Vatican’s audit procedures.

He warns that any secrecy is going to carry a huge price: The next Vatican scandal.

A far more positive change occurred in the Church’s management of the liturgical year. Did you know that as of May 2016 there were just twenty-six liturgical days classed as “Feasts”? But now there are twenty-seven. Jennifer Gregory Miller comments on Elevating St. Mary Magdalene’s Celebration.

Last week I noted Pope Francis’ unfortunate tendency to dismiss those who would appreciate greater clarity about the true and the good as rigid or doctors of the law or even heretical. But I did not comment on the corresponding tendency to refer to the teaching of Christ as a mere goal.

Without any name-calling at all, I have now filled this gap. See: The serious danger of idealizing the Christian life.

I hope you also remember Phil’s explanation on Friday of the troubles facing the planned Pan-Orthodox Council. He was right on target. Now the Russian Orthodox have pulled out of the planned council—the largest of all the Orthodox churches.

Today we also have two other highly significant news stories:

Finally, one of Pope Francis’ most endearing personal characteristics is his impatience with bureaucracy. See our story on this topic: ‘Debureaucratize’ the response to the hunger, Pope tells World Food Programme.

May God bless you,

Jeff Mirus
Trinity Communications


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  1. This is the only place I learn truth regarding my church, the Diocesan monthly paper doesn’t address the internal initiativestorage.

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