As we know tomorrow marks a celebration of sorts honoring Father’s. I have always been somewhat subdued by this prospect especially as I remember the days before when I attended this particular church that somehow always left me feeling after the sermon that Father’s Day

You're Number One!
You’re Number One!

certainly must have been invented by an efficiency expert charged with extolling all men to a greater effort in becoming that ideal Dad. This Pastor went way out of his way to speak of the remarkable, wonderful blessings found in motherhood on her day and yet on the day honoring dad’s I would hear of how we men must be better providers, more loving, more giving and generally in need of an internal inventory of shortcomings that we need to work on. It left me in wonderment and I decided Father’s Day must have been invented by Hallmark. When I think of the tremendous number of fatherless families I would think that those families that have a hard working and committed husbands and fathers ought to thank the Lord and maybe look at him in a new light. Maybe only Dads truly appreciate Dads with any understanding and to you guys I lift my glass of bubbly and say to you Job Well Done!



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