Legal change does not always equate with social and cultural change.

Source: With Redefinition of Marriage, America’s Very Survival Is at Risk



  1. Recently we observed Joe Biden officiate over the marriage of a homosexual couple and it can’t but make you question his faith. Surely Joe Biden doesn’t know or follow the God of Christianity because if he truly knew him or followed him, he’d surely know that what he did by officiating over that marriage was an “Abomination To God!” What we are witnessing in America is a steady trajectory of “Moral Decline” which has been greatly perpetuated under this present “Throne of Iniquity” which is called the Obama Administration. The president lighting up the white house with the colors of the rainbow in support for the LGBT community was the final straw. He took something that was sacred. God’s covenant with man, and Obama perverted it. Lighting the white house like that sends a message to the world that this is who we are. In one of Obama speeches he said that “America wasn’t a Christian nation” Wake Up Folks! This shouldn’t come as a surprise because America has found her place within the global “Spiritual Babylon” and along with other Nations that have fallen because they rejected God and turned their backs on Him, America’s destruction will come also. 911 was a wake up! call to America to Repent and turn back to God. September 11th. was just a small demonstration of what happens when God removes His hedge of protection. God gives us space to repent, but when we don’t heed His warnings through His prophets, then we can expect the consequences of disobedience! He is a God of Love, and He is also a God of Judgement!

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