Coming Home

So long ago we were one and so we have been all along. But you were lost to me as your understanding was darkened in your flesh. Now, only now, do you begin to see my purpose in bringing you back to me through a purging and refining process so that you too may overcome death and the fallen state. So too have you learned and come to know of your separation from your Father while experiencing the nature of mankind and his lost condition. I needed to bridge the gap between me and my children caused by one man’s disobedience through another man’s obedience so that the way of truth and means of separation could be overcome. I chasten but for a short time for the joy of eternal union and for the sons to become like their Father. Can you now see the stark difference between the old way and the “New Way in Christ”? It is the Father’s pleasure to give you his kingdom now that you love him and keep his commandments and, as you have come to me and I to you there is created an essence to essence experience that is both union and communication.



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